What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Call our dispatcher as soon as possible. Depending upon the delivery address, we will need approximately 1-2 hours notice minimum on the day of delivery.


What reasons should cause a pour to be cancelled?

This will depend on the experience level of the finishers. The most detrimental environmental conditions are wind, dry/arid conditions, very hot weather, rain and freezing conditions.

Windy conditions will cause plastic shrinkage cracking to occur on the surface of the slab. This can be partially controlled with the use of fiber and a good curing method, but it is extremely advisable to postpone even if experienced finishing crew.
Dry/Arid Conditions
This is similar to wind in that it will cause plastic shrinkage cracking to occur. It can be combated with Con-film and concrete retarders as well as with proper curing methods.
Very Hot
This can be combated with the use of our concrete retarder. You need to know how long you would like to have the concrete retarded for though (usually 1-1 ½ hours).
Depending on the amount of rain and placement of the concrete it may or may not be a requirement to cancel. The concrete can be covered with plastic (visqueen) if it begins to rain after finishing in a lot of instances. If the concrete has runoff water, such as from a down spout, going across it, you will lose the top layer. If puddles are present prior to pouring, it may result in blotchiness or efflorescence (white powdery substance on surface of slab) occurring at a later date. Another concern is access to and from the site in rain. If the truck becomes stuck, it is the property owner's responsibility to pay for any damages to the truck and to pay the tow bill too. It is usually not a good idea to pour if rain is predicted in the immediate future.
Freezing Conditions
Do not pour if sustained freezing conditions are predicted. It doesn't usually happen here, but if you get caught, cover the slab with straw, heavy plastic or blankets. If the top freezes on your concrete, the top will become "delaminated" or peel off. If there is a low predicted during the night of 30 degrees F, you are probably ok, but if a hard freeze is coming, wait to pour until it passes.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding concrete, our business, please do not hesitate to call our office at (209) 524-3177 or email us through our Contact Us page.