Safety Always Comes First

Safety is our greatest concern. We have made a commitment to put every employee through an extensive training program to ensure the safe operation of all our equipment.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us; therefore we work closely with our customers to ensure safe operations at all times.

Periodically, weather or other conditions will require us to deviate from our schedule to facilitate safety. In those rare instances our dispatch staff works closely with our customers to make them aware of the situation and status of the improvised schedule.

Occasionally the physical nature of the jobsite itself can become a safety concern. When these situations arise we work as closely as possible with our customer to ensure that jobsite safety is not compromised. If unavoidable, we must adhere to our strict safety policy, which could result in the cancellation of delivery (at the owner's expense) until conditions are changed.

We cannot intentionally allow anyone to be at risk of injury on the jobsite with regard to our equipment. To this end, we cannot allow anyone to climb or misuse the equipment in any way. This includes the use of additional chutes, climbing on the chutes, positioning the vehicle in an unsafe manner, and other situations which can be deemed unsafe.

To coin a phrase from the owner, "No job is ever worth getting someone hurt over". Please keep this in mind when placing orders during inclement weather such as fog and also while pouring in locations that can be potentially hazardous such as near trenches, septic tanks, power lines or even inside orchards.